Traditional Building Portfolio
Clem Labine: Coming Soon: The Perfect Modernist Pastiche 
"A new 32-story tower now under construction in downtown Brooklyn will surely delight any disciple of Modernism." Read more.
Peter Miller: Jefferson and Palladio At Monticello
"If you and I were walking down the street together I'd be holding your arm. You would be watching our step while I was staring up at ... the architecture." Read more.
Steven W. Semes: Teaching Architecture in Rome: Part II
"Our graduate students, in Rome this semester pursuing a concentration in Traditional Urbanism, recently returned from a field trip to Pienza, Siena, Florence, Venice and Torino."Read more.


Rudy Christian: So, Why Don’t We Build The Way We Used To?
"Why do we find ourselves at the mercy of money instead of money just being another tool in our arsenal? Why can't we let money be a contributing factor to our ability to ply our trade, instead of a burden that all too often impedes our ability to reach our goals?" Read more.
Ward Hamilton: Conditions Assessments: The First Step in Preservation Planning
"Assessing and prioritizing a building’s needs, planning for work, hiring and supervising contractors, and then maintaining the systems of the building in a good serviceable condition is part of a systematic process." Read more.

The Buildings We Love
"Ornament is deep stuff, greatly misunderstood in recent years."
Read more.

The Halo Effect
In a few months, America will be learning for the first time about the economic value of its historic churches, synagogues, temples and mosques...
Read more.

Save Homes: Unite a Neighborhood
Preserving historic housing stock is a community-wide concern.
Read more.

Breaking the Rules
The time has come to relearn architecture's common language.
Read more.

Where have all the colors gone?
"I cry out to you, Pete Seeger. Where have all those flowers of America's historic colors gone?" Read more.

Preserving Historic Context
There's been a decades-long debate about problems created by non-contextual design of additions and new construction in historic areas. Read more.

Building a Culture of Purpose
To improve the built environment, architects must rediscover their sense of purpose. Read more.

Why Palladio Matters More Than Ever
The legacy of Andrea Palladio endures in the designs of today that he continues to inspire, as well as in the architecture awards program that bears his name. Read more.



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